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Project JobYourself

Your international journey in to the world of work

Our Mission

We share our knowledge and experience to lead you over your next work. Your Job, our mission.

Our journey together

Our journey towards your occupation takes place in three phases.

Analysis of companies

and job positions which are more suitable for your professional profile.

Build up

your professional curriculum.


your successful job interview.

Who can join us

Project JobYourself is for all the young people who meet the following requirements:

  • Good knowledge of English, both spoken and written;
  • Good knowledge, both spoken and written, of one of the following languages:
    Italian, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Arab, Polish, Norwegian, Finnish, Slovak, Czech, Dutch, Danish, Turkish, Estonian, Hebrew, Hungarian, Romanian, Slovenian;
  • On going University studies, bachelor or master’s degree, post graduate master;
  • Valid Work Permit in case of foreign candidates;
  • Willing to work in an international environment.

Some companies in Budapest:

Why JobYourself, why Budapest

Job Yourself comes from the idea of sharing our international life experience with young people. We understand your difficulties and your ambitions. JobYourself was born to give you the chance to find a job by investing just your time without any risk, expenses or loans. It’s a project available for all those who decide to get involved and start an international career. In the heart of Europe, JobYourself is a complete training experience. In contact with cultures from all over the world, it will allow you to grow not only your working ability but also your linguistic and interpersonal skills.

You maight wonder why look for a job in Budapest. What is so special about the Hungarian capital that you should decide to move and build your career here?
Budapest, has been chosen by more than 40 multinational companies as European centre of their branches. The constant demand for professionals with linguistic and academic requirements creates a growing flow between companies and people. Budapest is one of the most beautiful and enjoyable cities in Europe, with a unique and youthful atmosphere, a pulsating night life and an exceptional offer of scenic setting and architecture. Also known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Budapest has become over the years an international city where you can meet people from all over the world.

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